What others have said about The Lost Chapters

Ashbel Green, former reporter, The Oregonian

“The true story of a Madison Avenue advertising man who experienced the glamour and success of the industry’s heyday while ultimately being destroyed by it. The cable show Mad Men keeps viewers watching by dangling the hope of a new big client (and its money) to wash away the mistakes, failures and hubris of the show’s characters. In The Lost Chapters, Dick Anderson receives no such reprieve, but much can be learned from his tragic experience.”

Marie Louise Knapp, former co-editor, The Carolina Quarterly

“The true story of a daughter trying to unravel the mystery of her father’s suicide in Tokyo. Her father, Dick Anderson, is caught in the vortex of the high-flying, high paying world of advertising in the fifties in New York City. This book is a fascinating and intimate social history of this life, and the destruction of many of the ambitious people who lived in this world of insecurity and pressure. You’ll be glad you read this stirring and memorable book.”

William Thompson Ong, The Fashionista Murders: a Kate Conway Mystery

“One helluva solid, emotional, and fulfilling book!”

Connie Huber, singer and lead guitarist, The Chenille Sisters                   

“I was truly swept up into a world I knew nothing about. The author is a master at being both “objective” and “immersed” – a hard thing to do when it’s about something so deeply a part of your life. “The Glass Castle ” comes to mind but Lisa Anderson somehow puts more warmth, acceptance and especially forgiveness into the well researched narrative. Just a great book!”

Matt Sampson

“I thought it was fabulous; a deeply personal memoir about a tough subject that was, in structure and content, also incredibly engaging and interesting for the outside reader. The way in which Anderson interweaved passages from her father’s unfinished manuscript into her narrative was unique and worked really well. Growing up on the coast of Connecticut a parent commuting to Manhattan everyday, and being a Mad Men devotee, also added to my enjoyment of this book.”